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Interior Voices

Jan 24, 2024

In a can't-miss episode for fans of the podcast, hosts Jade Chaboyer-Kondra and Nicole Taylor-Sterritt challenge three of Interior Voices' self-proclaimed biggest fans to a trivia contest based on previous episodes from this season! Listen to Natalie Daniels, Indigenous cultural safety and practice lead, Darcy Doberstein, manager, strategy and accountability, Indigenous Partnerships, and Becca Britton, Métis health systems advocate, show off their podcast knowledge for a chance at the crown. 

Relive the best of the season, with fun, laughter, and conversation about the important themes and learnings Interior Voices brought to life in 2023. Are you an avid listener? We encourage you to play along!

As the fifth season draws to a close, we also acknowledge the work and legacy of two individuals who have been integral to Interior Voices throughout the years. 

Beth Blew, one of the original co-founders of the podcast, edited Interior Voices for 4.5 seasons in addion to marketing the podcast. Her behind-the-scenes contributions allowed it to flourish and grow, to become the podcast it is today. 

We also acknowledge Jody Wagner, one of our excellent hosts. Jody recently took a new position within Interior Health and will no longer be working as a host of the podcast - but her insight, creative ideas, and compelling questions will leave a legacy. 

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