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Interior Voices

May 15, 2019

Vanessa Mitchell shares her interviews with Dr. Glenn Fedor and Dr. Nicole Robbins; Chris Macklin introduces a new series of cultural safety videos featuring IH physicians.

Episode 10: Resources
  • Dr. Glenn Fedor (full audio interview)
  • Dr. Nicole Robbins (full audio interview)
  • Cultural safety video series
    Dr. Harsh Hundal: Aboriginal cultural safety, compassion and relational practice
    Dr. Trevor Corneil: Health and wellness impacts of the colonial narrative
    Dr. Selena Lawrie: Self awareness and acknowledging potential biases within health practice
    Dr. Ed Hardy: Acknowledging diverse Aboriginal perspectives regarding health and wellness
    Dr. Karin Goodison: Listening to clients’ stories within physician practice
    Dr. Kamran Golmohammadi: Adopting a more relational approach in physician practice
    Dr. Sue MacDonald: Becoming a champion for cultural safety within physician practice